Get Fit. Love It. Live It.

Fitness Protection Program is a workout facility with you in mind.  With boot camp and circuit workouts focusing on various muscle groups and cardio, and trainers ready to help you with everything from diet to form, Fitness Protection Program is your health home to begin a new lifestyle.  Our weekly programs are designed to fit your schedule and goals – let us help you get fit, get healthy and love it along the way.

Testimonials from our Members

  • "I've hit my goal of losing 100 pounds!"

    I heard about Fitness Protection Program from a friend of mine.  After working out at FPP for four months, I lost 40.2 pounds, for a total of 50.2 pounds!  I’ve now hit my goal of losing 100 pounds total. What has been the difference? -Trainers that care about me and know my story -Support and encouragement from other FPP members (the 5 am class ROCKS!) -Daily accountability to reach my goals -Weekly weigh-in and measuring inches and body fat twice a month -Workouts that are never the ...  Read More...

  • "Since joining I have lost 19 inches"

    By January 9, 2014 I weighed the most I have ever weighed. I accepted an invite to Fitness Protection Program from a friend. Mandy introduced me to Kasey who showed me around the gym.  I did the cardio workout and during the whole workout Kasey was motivating to all and showing me how to do something in a modified way while saying just keep moving; you can do anything for 20 seconds.  Before I knew it my first intense work out was complete!  The next night Julie welcomed me with a...  Read More...

  • "I could not believe how confident and beautiful I felt on my wedding day!"

    I have been a member at FPP for seven months and regularly attend class anywhere between four and six times a week.  I got married in June and could not even believe how confident and beautiful I felt on my wedding day.  This was in huge part to the work I put in at FPP.  If it weren’t for the examples that Kasey and Julie set and the open, accepting and family-like quality of the other members, I don’t think I would have ever accomplished many of my goals.  I no longer have ...  Read More...

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