"I've hit my goal of losing 100 pounds!"

I heard about Fitness Protection Program from a friend of mine.  After working out at FPP for four months, I lost 40.2 pounds, for a total of 50.2 pounds!  I’ve now hit my goal of losing 100 pounds total.

What has been the difference?

  • -Trainers that care about me and know my story
  • -Support and encouragement from other FPP members (the 5 am class ROCKS!)
  • -Daily accountability to reach my goals
  • -Weekly weigh-in and measuring inches and body fat twice a month
  • -Workouts that are never the same and never easy!
  • -Shared healthy food ideas and accountability to keep a daily food journal
  • -Online support to share success (and the occasional complaint?!)

- Kate Zerbe