"Since joining I have lost 19 inches"

By January 9, 2014 I weighed the most I have ever weighed. I accepted an invite to Fitness Protection Program from a friend. Mandy introduced me to Kasey who showed me around the gym.  I did the cardio workout and during the whole workout Kasey was motivating to all and showing me how to do something in a modified way while saying just keep moving; you can do anything for 20 seconds.  Before I knew it my first intense work out was complete!  The next night Julie welcomed me with an "arms" workout! I told her I couldn't do a burpee and she says, “I have one arm and can do it why can't you?”  How can you come with a comeback to that? These ladies have created a program that makes a believer out of the non believer.  Each day I feel stronger then the day before.  My mind is saying I can and I will achieve my goals.  Once again I find myself learning new things in my life to improve the current.  FPP is providing me the courage to fight, the knowledge on how to enforce the change! Since joining I have lost a total of 38.8 pounds and 19 inches, but the weight and inches do not compare to the abundance of happiness I am now feeling in my life. Just by going to FPP I feel I deserve to feel good and look good.  In due time my visual image I have for myself will be achieved! Thank you Fitness Protection Program!

-Nikki Osburn