Class Offerings

S.I.T.: Strength Interval Training, a 45minute full body strength workout, combing the use of bodyweight and basic equipment. The class is focused on strength building and balance. The format includes a full warm up and stretch , with the body of the workout consisting of time varied exercises. Each class is limited to 10 people, helping focus on individual performance and form. Modifications are offered for most exercises making this workout good for every level of fitness.

Foam Rolling and Stretch: A 60 minute class dedicated to working out those kinks and knots in your body. We use foam rollers, stretching straps, and lacrosse balls in this class to help you recover from a hard work our or a long work week or get you started for the next. This class starts out with a “hurts so good” vibe and ends on a “oh, wow, that was awesome “vibe.

Both of these classes are offered multiple days a week at PhysiquesbyMonique-

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