Mission Statement:

We create a place where people WANT to come to achieve their health and wellness goals. We welcome members of all ages and athletic ability from the “I haven’t worked out in years (if ever) and I just want to get off my sofa” to the “I am an Ironman” athlete. We have fun during our workouts and you get to know your trainers and fellow boot-campers. We are dedicated to keeping our members safe by requiring our trainers to be certified in group and /or personal training through AFAA or NASM. We strive to keep your training affordable. We give back to our local community through monthly charity awareness campaigns. In a nutshell, we are a place to go to get a fun, effective, safe, and affordable workout with a group of great people, members and trainers alike.

Our Workouts:

We facilitate a 40 minute full body workout, each one starts with a minimum 5 minute warm-up - the trainer will explain the workout during this time. Workouts follow different timers and formats ensuring you never get bored. Workouts end with a minimum 5 minute stretch or cool-down. (Members are free and encouraged to stretch on their own after class as well.)

We can modify exercises for all levels of ability and or restrictions.